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Jackson, Sims ponder season, future 

By Ken Sugiura

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David Sims finished his career at Tech with 438 carries for 2,252 rushing yards and 23 touchdowns. (Johnny Crawford / AJC File)

Two Mondays ago, Will Jackson was in the Georgia Tech weight room as he was beginning his pre-draft training. The team had a 4 o’clock meeting. Jackson walked the hallway leading to the team meeting room and kept on walking, no longer a member of the team.

“It’s definitely weird,” said Tech’s former offensive lineman. “It’s really a strange feeling, just considering how fast everything went by.”

Jackson is in that middle ground, no longer a college player but awaiting a chance to play professionally. From that spot, Jackson and former B-back David Sims shared their thoughts about the season, their careers, futures and Tech’s prospects going forward.

The season

Jackson said it is frustrating to look back on the season. “There were so many games we could have won and what might have been with our season. That sticks with you a little bit.”

In the 17-10 loss to Virginia Tech, he said, the Hokies did “nothing that ridiculous to throw us off our game. If we could have just done simple stuff, we win that ball game.”

Said Sims, “I know for a fact, the Virginia Tech game, we had an excellent game plan. We just didn’t execute.”

Against Miami, Jackson recalled Tech’s second-quarter drive with a 17-7 lead when quarterback Vad Lee lost the ball on a fumble, setting the stage for the Hurricanes to come back.

“We punch in a touchdown there, I’m sure the ballgame’s over with,” he said. “Right there, you’re looking at us playing in the conference championship against, obviously, a very good Florida State team.”

He said there were mistakes in the BYU game that “just really head scratchers when you watch them on tape” and that the Georgia game was obviously winnable.

“That’s kind of the nature of the game,” Jackson said. “It’s certainly frustrating when you look back and see how close we were to having a special season.”

Sims called every game but the BYU and Clemson games winnable. He called the season as a whole “O.K. I definitely think it could have been a lot better.”

Individually speaking

Sims divulged his rather bold individual goal – 1,500 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns. He finished with 884 yards, a 5.5 yards-per-carry average and 11 touchdowns. Notably, he had just one carry for loss in 161 carries.

“I didn’t reach my goals, but I did O.K.,” Sims said. “I did some good things this year. I think I did a lot better as far as having a few more big plays than I had in the previous two years.”

Sims acknowledged he has wondered what might have happened had he stayed at quarterback. He said he thinks his running style might have been something of a cross between former Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs (49 career rushing touchdowns, 2,665 rushing yards) and Joshua Nesbitt.

I appreciate his optimism and high goal setting. He told me before the season started that his goal was to go undefeated.

“I think I would have ended up running it pretty well if I would have been given a chance,” he said. “That’s water under the bridge now.”

Jackson said he thought he had “a pretty solid season. I felt like, starting off at guard, I probably had the best season playing guard I’ve had since I got here.”

However, he moved over to tackle after Ray Beno’s injury, which required an adjustment period. Notably, Jackson didn’t miss any time to injury after he had been missed time in each of his first three seasons due to various injuries.

“This year, coming out and being able to show (the sprained shoulder from 2012) was a non-issue and playing 100 percent healthy was big for me,” he said.

At present

Jackson is taking one class towards his MBA and working out for Tech’s pro day. He is training in Duluth with Ryan Goldin, who last year trained Alabama’s D.J. Fluker, among others.

Sims participated in the Medal of Honor Bowl in Charleston, S.C., last week. In the game, he ran eight times for 19 yards. His offense struggled as a whole, gaining 192 yards of total offense and averaging 3.2 yards per play. (Former Tech defensive tackle Euclid Cummings, who also participated, did not appear to play in the game, according to the final statistics.)

Speaking last week, Sims said he planned to go to Orlando to train with Tom Shaw, a renowned figure in the cottage industry of combine/pro day trainers. He was to go there with Jemea Thomas, who is participating in the East-West Shrine game this week.

Vad Lee

Sims said he was “kind of not surprised by” Lee’s decision to transfer. Both made similar observations – Lee tried to make it work for him, but the offense ultimately wasn’t a fit.

“I think in Vad’s mind, I think he knew he could be successful in this offense, but I think he wanted to do some different things,” Jackson said.

Lee had spoken with Jackson about the possibility of transferring before he made the decision.

“I could tell he was considering it,” he said. “I didn’t know if he’d actually pull the trigger on it or not.”

Justin Thomas

Jackson said that, in his conversations with Lee regarding transferring, Lee (and Jackson) arrived at a rather honest realization.

“Basically, we both came to the conclusion that Justin fits better what we’re trying to do better than Vad does in terms of being that under-center option quarterback,” Jackson said.

Jackson had plenty of praise for Thomas saying that “he’s one of the most dynamic playmakers I’ve been around. When he has the ball in his hands, I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody running the ball in pads that’s as fast as he is.”

Regarding his size (5-foot-11, 179 pounds), Jackson said, “I think Justin’s a real tough kid. When you see him in scrimmages and whenever he’s gotten in games, he has no issues taking a hit or trying to run through somebody. I think as he grows and develops a little bit and gets a little bit bigger, some of those concerns will go away.”

Sims said that Thomas “knew pretty much everything” about the offense when he first joined the team in 2012, thanks to help from Tevin Washington. Thomas has a pretty good feel for the reads and good footwork, Sims said.

Sims’ scouting report: “Without a doubt, Justin’s the second or third or fourth fastest person on the team. Unbelievable quickness and very, very underrated arm.”

Both expressed confidence in backup Tim Byerly, who was the No. 3 quarterback this past season, citing his knowledge of the offense.

“Timmy would be very solid, very dependable, as well,” Sims said. “He has a pretty good grasp of the offense, too. There’s little things he needs to learn, of course, but there’s a chance he can push for playing time, as well.”


Glory, Glory to "Old" Georgia! Herschel Walker is 51 years old and 1980 was a long time ago.  Let's recognize that the UGA trolls have only memories of the "good old days" to reflect on as they have their senior moments - so let's don't be too harsh.

Jacket Up
Jacket Up

I find it interesting, strange, and laughable that all these mighty bulldawgs can spend what must be hours writing criticisms of Tech.  The only thing I can figure out is they are whistling past the graveyard.

Surely if they are as superior as they try to spend their vacant lives telling us - sometimes fifty - a hundred LINES - why are they so delighted to be reminding those Jackets dumb enough to read all that crap - that they are the only game in town UNLESS they may be a little concerned that things over on North Avenue just might be improving.

Based upon our last game, I saw very little in them to bring out my fear for the future.  In fact when they next see our "high School offense" it may be in front of a half emptied Stanford Stadium, the remaining patrons being swathed in Gold and White.

Things are going on at the Flats, dawgy boys, and they just might surprise you and yours.

In the meantime, try and keep your better players out of the Athens jail.  You`ll need `em.

Jacket Up
Jacket Up

Yellow Jacket

What this means (Recruiting tight ends) is more athletic OLs.  Guys who can get down field to clear a path to the endzone.  If he signs, they might try him at DL just like they`re doing Klock.


GT offered Riley Gessner, (Class of 2015), last night.  A TE from Dunwoody.  If he commits, this will be the second TE to come to GT under CPJ.  Signs of changes to come?


Thomas Brown spent 1,661 words and countless minutes of his life on this blog alone to tell us that GT football is irrelevant.

Apparently, it's so irrelevant that it requires his undying attention and a minor dissertation.

Keep trying, troll.


Ken, are we no allowing the bashing of NCAA Student Athletes?  I thought that was a no-no on this forum?


Maybe CPJ would not get out coached in the two years he had a chance (2009 and 2013) by CMR if he had to read these blogs afterwards.


IMHO, Sims was under utilized.  He and Laskey could have been used to punish opponents, with Days and Godhigh inserted to change pace and speed things up when defenses were worn out.   "Pound em, pound em, pound em, then shock em."


“I think in Vad’s mind, I think he knew he could be successful in this offense, but I think he wanted to do some different things,” Will Jackson said.  “It’s certainly frustrating when you look back and see how close we were to having a special season.”

It's been tough on you guys for a long time now.  I would not say you have handled it particularly well.

You've had # 15 recruiting ranking class in 2007 and parlayed that into 9-4 in 2008 and 10-3 in 2009 but no ACC Championship and no win over Clemson - that's part of what you haven't handled particularly well.

You guys send forth your fans on our blogs to tell us your opinion of us, and from the outside looking in, since I've lived in this city my whole life and been to your stadium to see us play you, you have largely been serious under-achievers in football.

NCAA Probation in Football back-to-back repeat offenders of the Major Infractions database, leaves you all of this 2014 season on NCAA Probation.

You didn't handle that very well, and have handled the aftermath of it even more poorly.

You caused it, you created it yourselves, you acted arrogantly as is your wont, and delayed it to where it goes until mid-year 2015 now.

The vast majority of you keep posting about ACC Championship 2009.  Excuse me, you do not have that.  ACC took it away and said there will be no ACC Champion 2009.  The win over Clemson never happened.  Go to your own Official WebPages and try to find, either ?

So, you have not handled that well, either, have you ?

You let all these AJ-C Sportswriters fill your head that your best chance to beat your only Rival mentioned in your Fight Song was this game you just lost, again.

Mark Bradley said it was your best chance.

Jeff Schultz said it was your best chance.

Chip Towers said it was your best chance.

The sportswriters on this half of the paper told you you could beat us finally.

You botched it.

I thought your game plan was solid enough. Pass the ball against the biggest weakness and not try to run the ball against what clearly was our only strength on defense.

But you let it get into your heads that this was your best chance and that Ted Roof, who left his alma mater at the end of 2001 when you had promoted him from linebackers' coach to his 1st Major college Defensive Coordinator job. 

Ted Roof left his alma mater as Defensive Coordinator 2001 here, and took a demotion to Defensive Coordinator at Duke for 2002.


Later as bad as that program is, he was 6-45 as head coach, too, at Duke.

But he left his alma mater here to take a lateral move DC to DC to Duke.

That has to hurt.

Still, you welcome the prodigal son back this season, without ever discussing him running out on you; and, build him up that he is doing well.

He let a weak-armed back-up quarterback with zero experience torch you for 300 yards.

Over-time, Ted Roof thinks he better defend the pass and leaves Todd Gurley II - a lot better running back than anyone at Ted Roof's college for many years - to take every snap both over-times and never does adjust to the fact his counterpart here clearly made the decision to go or not go on Todd Gurley II's considerable talents.  Probably a 1st Round NFL prospect, maybe top running back drafted, if he can stay healthy which has been a big issue with him, going into this last season next season.

Junior next season.

Vad Lee ends your regular season then.  Your only Rival.  By the way, that just encourages the poor sportsmanship your fans demonstrate daily as detailed herein to have your Fight Song say to Hell with Georgia like your daddy used to do.  Please don't change it; we love it.  Poor Sportsmanship is what you are known for once Bobby Dodd quit the college drop-out from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville saw he could not beat Vince Dooley even once always losing and quit.

You haven't been the same since.

The Georgia Bulldogs’ Defense shut you down after the 20 to nothing start holding you to 1 score the rest of the game, to send it to overtime on yet another Vad Lee Interception.

The Final Score was the only time The Georgia Bulldogs were ahead the whole entire game.

Then on 4th and goal in the 2nd Overtime, after Todd Gurley II ran for 50 yards the 1st two OT, Mark Richt himself ran on the field and called time-out.

“Bat the ball down” Mark Richt was overheard repeatedly saying to Todd Grantham’s young defense.

“Bat the ball down”

“Bat the ball down”

“Bat the ball down”

“Bat the ball down”

“Bat the ball down”

Mark Richt appeared hoarse at the end of the time-out.

Vad Lee ?

Junior Ramik Wilson 6-2 from Tampa jumped and tipped a low throw from Vad Lee and the ball popped straight up 10-feet where your guys ran to get under the ball but

Junior Damian Swann from behind, came up and batted the ball down.

Why point this out ?

Because your coach, who said after we beat him 2009, there is that year again, that you had bigger fish to fry than Georgia, has repeatedly stated you do not throw the ball well.

Paul Johnson gave up on his running game, against us, didn't he ?

# 15 recruiting class of 2007 for Chan Gailey.

# 37 recruiting in 2008 for Paul Johnson

# 32 recruiting in 2009 for Paul Johnson

# 41 recruiting in 2010 for Paul Johnson

# 46 recruiting in 2011 for Paul Johnson

# 59 recruiting in 2012 for Paul Johnson

# 72 recruiting in 2013 for Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson did better with Chan Gailey's # 15 recruiting class 2007 than with his own.

This is what your problem is, that Chan Gailey was # 15 recruiting class 2007 and nothing like it since with Paul Johnson, now is there ?

# 48 average recruiting rankings for Paul Johnson.

# 54 average recruiting rankings for Paul Johnson current 4-year period - these are the ones on the team next season, minus your best football player Vad Lee.

No wonder you AD says your 4 road games 2014, not one of which is ranked in any poll for the season just ended, are not particularly kind :

"The schedule isn’t particularly kind, especially with road dates at Georgia, North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech.”

Rather than do something about your failed football program, and make no mistake about that, you run over to our blogs and whine that you cannot recruit the # 15 recruiting class at your school.

Why is that ?

Chan Gailey did 2007 at # 15 recruiting class.


Will a UGA defender slam a Tech player AGAIN?! (Ogletree slamming Godhigh folks?) As little as Justin Thomas is...don't be surprised if Chris Mayes (all 6'4, 330 lbs of him) slams the crap out of Thomas. 5'11, 179...HA!


Justin Thomas is only 5'11, 179 lbs? Holy crap. Wait till these big boys on the D-line get a hold of him. He's toast. Too small to play QB in a triple option offense where he's going to get hit pretty much every play. He won't last all season next fall. Tech fans, you won't get very far with a 5'11, 179 lb QB. That's a kid.


Good luck to y'all in the future as you did well at GT.  I remember a couple of WR's who played in Pepper's Wishbone that didn't get that many catches but had long/good careers in the NFL.  Steve Raible, Jimmy Robinson, and Drew Hill to name a few. The Wishbone made them tough, good team players and good blockers something the NFL likes.  That said, one of the problems PJ is having is getting the right people in the right position (can't always be correct).  Sims just opened my eyes maybe he was he right  guy for the QB and maybe some others were out of position.  Playing left tackle will help Jackson I would think.  If PJ can get two deep across the board and play them hard then Tech will be hard to stop if they can do one thing....connect on more than 60% of their passes and catch the ball. I would like to see PJ focus more on the whole team and get maybe a co-offensive coordinator on the staff to help him coach.


@ Sims and Jackson, Thank you for representing Georgia Tech with class. You have both worked your butts off and made great sacrifices and it is much appreciated. Cherish the memories you have and make the most of your future with your degree. Best of luck in all your endeavors.


Great interview.

As most of you know, I've been against JT starting because of size/durability concerns.  This interview allays all of my fears.  If these guys are excited about JT, I am too.  Kind of telling that they weren't totally gung ho about Byerly...positive, but not gung ho... as if it's obvious that it's JT's job.

I know another guy (former walk on) who was crazy about JT, over Vad, during the 2012 season actually.  I thought he was crazy, but the guys that are in practice everyday know more.

Finally, looking at everything in totality, it is clear to me that CPJ did everything for Vad to win the job, keep the job, etc., even when CPJ must have known that JT was a better fit.  I applaud his loyalty to Vad; folks that claim he tricked Vad into coming to GT are ignorant, he did everything he could to let Vad play. 



Two Mondays ago, Will Jackson was in the Georgia Tech weight room as he was beginning his pre-draft training. The team had a 4 o’clock meeting. Jackson walked the hallway leading to the team meeting room and kept on walking, no longer a member of the team. “It’s definitely weird,” said Tech’s former offensive lineman. “It’s really a strange feeling, just considering how fast everything went by.” Jackson is in that middle ground, no longer a college player but awaiting a chance to play professionally. From that spot, Jackson and former B-back David Sims shared their thoughts about the season, their careers, futures and Tech’s prospects going forward. ==================================

Why is W.Jackson training for the NFL draft?

He's barely 6-1 and looks shorter and is not very good at pass-blocking.

OGs in the NFL start out at 6-3 and many are 6-4 with long arms for pass-blocking.

I guess even the guys at the academic schools want to go pro if guys like Sims and Will Jackson are working out for NFL combines.

My only question is why wouldn't Sims and Jackson to play in a system for their college careers that could showcase them for the NFL rather than doing the opposite and then hoping for a longshot, there are plenty of FB-playing schools that offer the same degrees that GT does, with the same career opportunities.

This a clear-cut example of why our recruiting is so bad, most/many HS recruits are "smart enough" to not do what Sims and Jackson did and keep what LITTLE chance they have at the NFL as high as possible while having a chance to major in the same things that GT  offers.

Sims & Jackson are swimming uphill WRT their NFL chances, there are too many other schools with the same level of Academics as GT to throw away your SMALL NFL chances by playing in CPJ's gimmicky offense.

Once again, another example proving that CPJ is the problem with GT FB.



Jemea Thomas is a fine-looking young man, who had a fine career here at your school.  Hopefully, he can get on with an NFL team, and get some kind of a contract with some guaranteed money, even if it has to be as a free agent after the draft.

He might have had even more notoriety here, if Paul Johnson didn't make him practice against a high school offense for five (5) long years of his life.

There is no question he would have gone on to the NFL had we had an opening for him at Georgia.  Of course, our guys get all kinds of great press at G-Day Spring Games, Spring Practices, Fall Practices and practices all week - even big press here at UGA my alma mater, in the off-season for on your own practices without formal coaches there.

Several of our guys lined-up this time last year, cameras running, press there to report, and ran against each other and playing passing drills - our defensive backs.

Not that you can do that at your school.

In fact, I think we would have used Jemea Thomas on our team on offense some plays.  We do that a lot with athletes as good as Jemea Thomas is.

Best of luck Jemea Thomas in your all-star game, hopefully at combines and getting on an NFL team even as a free agent.  Love to see you sock away all that money Jemea Thomas !

You're a fine football player and good man.


@Radar123 If CPJ were out coached by Mark Richt at any point then the UGA would win by at least 3 touchdowns. Sorry but when you have 10x the talent and the game goes into overtime, you did a pretty poor job coaching that day.


@ThomasBrownGo back to the Georgia blogs.  Your opinions are not wanted here, and nobody takes the time to read through that endless litany of BS anyway.


wait! are MB & TB 2 personae of a multiple personality disorder victim? or merely share with cpj high values of their own opinion.........


-no Major Bowl won since 1957

-one conference championship won since 1957

-Won/Lost Record # 34 since 1957 tied with Toledo

-no one comes to your games

-lost 8 of current 9 bowl games

-recruiting # 54 ranking avg 4 years makes up your team 2014

-lost 12 of the 13 games against our Coach

-NCAA Probation Football all of 2014

You want a status of where you are ?

Not us mind you from your perspective.

But a status of your football program ?

It's a football program woefully underperforming in recruiting with Paul Johnson.

Why is this ?

The kids on Offense 2014 want to throw the forward pass, catch the forward pass, practice the forward pass.

The kids on Defense 2014 want to practice everyday against an offense they might actually see at the next level.

Georgia State University has as many NFL Draft Picks the 2 most recent Drafts as both you and Louisville have.One each, all 3.

When you used to have years when you had 5 and 6 drafted in one year, Paul Johnson has had

6 total drafted from your school in the most recent Five (5) Years combined.

How about fixing that ?

It cannot be that hard to figure out.

Right ?

2008 you had 5 drafted.

2005 you had 6 drafted.

2003 you had 4 drafted.

Paul Johnson cannot recruit and it is his offense affecting offensive recruits and defensive recruits.

7-6 for 2013

7-7 for 2012

8-5 for 2011

6-7 for 2010 for 28-25 and we've under-achieved or you have ?

In real terms, you have failed to do what all your other coaches could and did do : recruit.

# 15 recruiting class as recently as 2007, no excuse avg # 54 last 4 making up your 2014 team.

You will not over-achieve at even 8-5 with # 54 avg class making up your 2014 team.

You have under-achieved because I have seen and you have seen you get # 15 recruiting rankings.

Oh, well, if we consider we only avg # 54 recruit rankings for our 2014, we've over-achieved at 7-6.

You cannot be that stupid, now, can you ?

You think I am that I cannot see it ?

When your team is made up of # 54 average recruiting rankings for 2014, you have few who the NFL verify your poor recruiting rankings of Paul Johnson who will be drafted.  I guess the NFL is also wrong ?

This is your problem.

And, you do not handle it particularly well do you ?

Figure out how to recruit like Chan Gailey 2007 at # 15 recruit ranking and you will go 9-4 and 10-3.

That would be ok, wouldn't it ?

Where you are is not, and moreover there is no excuse for # 54 Paul Johnson recruiting rankings making up your team 2014, not when Chan Gailey in 2007 had the recruiting class ranked for you at # 15.


@DawgGoneIt He runs up behind a runner and instead of just tackling him he pulls a thug move and body slams him from behind. Something any LB could do to any RB. Something for UGA fans to be proud of. Im sure right after that he went to the bench to smoke a doobie in celebration.



" If PJ can get two deep across the board and play them hard then Tech will be hard to stop if they can do one thing....connect on more than 60% of their passes and catch the ball."

Paul Johnson cannot recruit well enough to be even 1-deep and thus has 5' 11" 179 lbs. QB who could not get a pass off let alone take the grind of a triple option QB in Major College Football.  Good point you make Dawgonnit.  I like it.  Well said, but I fear the next coach will do just that by recruiting a # 15 recruiting class like Chan Gailey 2007 handed to Paul Johnson.  That team could play because it was 2-deep instead of just really not even 1-deep with average # 54 recruiting class making up the current 4-year recruits which makes up the team 2014.

Look for the underlined items to be chore # 1 by the next head coach, probably Ted Roof.



I don't know about any of that, GTJoe.  I think Vad Lee can throw the football.  Look at his passes against us this game just played ?  How often did he practice the forward pass ?  Who did he have who practiced blocking for the forward pass ?  How many receivers did he have to practice with to get open, run routes, throw the ball to, and catch it ?

Vad Lee is a dual-threat Quarterback.  We all saw that.

Paul Johnson doesn't practice that, doesn't teach that, doesn't recruit that, and is therefore half the game Vad Lee plays.

Vad Lee is not stupid.

He also is not arrogant.

You watch Vad Lee next year, and you tell me GTJoe I've read your posts for years on here, if Vad Lee was given the opportunity here as there ?


@GTJoe I'm with you on the players...I've not been asked to vote on the QB.

ps; the guy that indicated tricking was asked for proof...was not supplied.

So if it's not too much trouble, please provide proof that there was none.



"My only question is why wouldn't Sims and Jackson to play in a system for their college careers that could showcase them for the NFL rather than doing the opposite and then hoping for a longshot, there are plenty of FB-playing schools that offer the same degrees that GT does, with the same career opportunities."

I never realized you are fan of this team.  I see you all the time over our blogs and like your posts and always post positive replies to you MikeBanning. 

"This a clear-cut example of why our recruiting is so bad, most/many HS recruits are "smart enough" to not do what Sims and Jackson did"

Well, yeah MikeBanning.

That is it exactly, precisely, hitting the nail on the head.

Why all the excuses from everyone else ?  Because they are not as smart as you are MikeBanning ?

I ask in all fairness because you see it everyday all over the AJ-C all these fans of your team who actually believe you are not underachieving because well you run the wrong offense to recruit on offense or defense.

Vad Lee had every reason to believe he might be able to run and throw.

Then, to the press after every game Paul Johnson ran with quote after quote about not passing the football and how when they had to, how poor at it - that it is not what you guys do.

You could really boil all this down to arrogance.  That's really the issue.  Arrogant.

And, you know what else MikeBanning ?



 What a rambling post.  Took him 7 sentences to say "no one should ever sign to play for CPJ".


Jackson is also working on his MBA. Just because he is trying out for the NFL doesn't mean that was his only consideration coming out of high school or his only consideration now. There are hundreds of guys working hard to make the NFL right now. Few of them will make it. Of the ones that don't, few of them will have a bachelors and MBA from one of the best schools in the country. Mr Jackson will.


for instance, George, sometime suggest he work on brevity, less repetition-occasional worthwhile point lost in the avalanche...........


Bob, under those conditions, every call is crucial.....should have thrown at Thomas before 4th down, should have not thrown the ball 3rd down less than 2' in the half up by 20 with 2nd team safeties in........wish folks were as loyal to teachers & doctors.......


no Caleb Kings............


@GTBob Something any LB could do to any RB? I've never seen a LB slam Todd Gurley!!! 


@ThomasBrown he was given the opportunity to start at gt (the best starting gig he was offered out of Hs) with a little more passing than Nesbitt or tevin. He was NOT promised an offensive overhaul (unless you have proof).

he is a dual threat, best one we'll ever get; but its now obvious that we need running qbs, not dual threats like vad, cam Newton, etc.



I would not worry about it PaulinNH - no one does anyway.

So you're a fan of this team PaulinNH ?

Why don't you ever say that where you spend your days on our blogs ?



"Few of them will make it. Of the ones that don't, few of them will have a bachelors and MBA from one of the best schools in the country. Mr Jackson will."

You're # 36 U.S. News and Word Report, which is not then # 1 Princeton or Harvard; and, he wants to play in the NFL where he might get millions in one contract of guaranteed monies he is smart enough to know how to parlay into a wonderful life whatever happens in the NFL.

He made the conscious choice to play football here and is not as prepared for the next level having not blocked for the forward pass so he is behind in that now, and needs to learn to block for the forward pass.

After his freshman season, making a smart decision not to stay in his hometown Knoxville because the vols have certainly been no good, now, have they ?  - He proved how smart he is, and accolades as an OL starting his freshman season.

2009 the 6' 3" 295 lbs OL made the decision to come here. 

One of the smartest players, I think he will learn to play OG at the next level, blocking for the forward pass.

This is one of the smartest guys anywhere and I believe a team will draft him.  Maybe 4t h round. The Falcons would do themselves a favor drafting players like this than their trades and draft picks they have been choosing.

This man plays on Sundays.

Why shouldn't he ?

Because he has not blocked for the pass and does not show well doing that ?

Might be a good time to practice that right now.

I'd hate to think this guy doesn't get drafted just because of Paul Johnson's decision to say all season that his team cannot pass and when you do, you don't do it well.

OG has to block for the pass.  You have to be quick.  Frankly, you need to weigh more than 285, not sure about the 295 lbs.  Fine looking young man, perfect example if he had played at UGA, he would have been drafted last year.  We would have bulked him up.


@GeorgeStein @juvenal  I've been called much worse in my life than too loyal.  If that's the criticism, I'm fine with it (even though I'm not loyal to Johnson).


Exactly.  My loyalty to CPJ exists as long as he is the coach at GT.  My first loyalty is to the Institute itself.  


@juvenal The final play of that drive was with 1:22 left on the clock, and we were at the UGA 46.  If there were 3:00 left, then I think running would be fine.   We had no choice but to throw.   Throwing deep is another matter altogether.  Whatever, it was more than 4 years ago.   I've long since moved on.

As for the OT this year, if the reverse didn't work (and it didn't against Mississippi), the same people would be hollering about that playcall.   I thought a QB draw on 3rd and 7 from the UGA 40 would give us enough yards to try a long FG, and Butker would have the leg to get it there (though he still may have missed).

I've been called much worse in my life than too loyal.  If that's the criticism, I'm fine with it (even though I'm not loyal to Johnson).


but George, you are more loyal than most.................try not to recall that series as is too painful, but 4 passes when we had been moving th ball on the ground? did mean the pass he dropped would have been better on an earlier down..................plays called to get 1st TD in OT might have got us in field goal range,,,how much of this confidence you have in him was because of having the Army & Navy coaches as assistants, maybe a better assistant?


not worried about cmr, if losing to him every year is our price for him staying there & choking away their big games, it is some consolation, Bob....


@juvenal He actually did throw at Thomas before fourth down.   I can't recall which play, but the sequence included a throw to Thomas, Allen, and Hill, then back to Thomas.  My problem with the playcalling then was waiting until 4th down to throw a ball that wasn't 30 yards downfield.

People are loyal to teachers and doctors.  Other than my pediatrician, I have had one MD in my life (and two dentists), and I still love my first grade teacher, Mrs. Welch.


@juvenal Yeah, when Mark Richt is coaching then every call is crucial. The point is though that your team has enough talent every year that the game shouldn't even be close. If you poorly coach the entire game letting the undermanned team have a chance and then make one decent coaching decision towards the end then you still didn't coach a very good game.


@DawgGoneIt @GTBob I have never argued that he isn't a good RB. It isn't that tough to grab someone from behind and sling them though which is all that Ogletree did. Every LB in the country could run up behind Gurley and sling him if they wanted to. None of them are going to because they aren't thugs and it is an easy way to get a penalty.


@GTBob @DawgGoneIt Gurley is a 235-240 lb running back and is 6'2. That's a whole lot different than a guy like Godhigh who is about 5'8 and weighs 180 soaking wet. Why don't you try and tackle Todd Gurley and see if he doesn't weigh "that much". Ask the Florida Gators or Alabama players about him.


@DawgGoneIt @GTBob You rarely ever see anybody do it. Its a cheap unnecessary play. A guy from Alabama did it last year and Saban made him publicly apologize. Only a thug like Ogletree even thinks to do it. But yes. If someone actually wanted to grab Gurley from behind and suplex him, it wouldnt be that hard. He doesn't weigh that much.


@Hookedonshortpasses @GTJoe I've said a few times that cpj is TOO loyal sometimes. Playing tevin over vad when clearly vad was better (even if he wasn't a perfect fit, tevin was even worse), playing a senior Sims over laskey. Hell, he shoulda benched vad early in the season because he just wasn't doing his job.

people can talk about how he berates players all they want, but the fact is he is very loyal to his players..too much so.



@MikeBanning @AugustaJacket 

The real truth is that he is 6'3", not 6'1" like you stated.

As usual, when caught in a lie, you move the goal posts.

Yet another MB lie to grace the blogs.



Either way, Will Jackson needs to work on losing weight so that suits are easier for him to find.

He has zero chance of playing in the NFL as poor as his pass-blocking has been over the course of his career at GT.

Slimming down to buy suits is going to be more important for him moving forward than worrying about Pro-day workouts or combines.

He was part of a veteran OL and was  a RS-Sr. that played very poorly for most of the year.

Yet you leave out the real truth JA to play the GT cheerleader once again.


@MikeBanning @AugustaJacket  

If you think that WJ is really 6-3 you are very naive.

He's lucky to be 6-1 based on my eyes.


Apparently, you need glasses.

Per 247:  6'3

Per Rivals:  6'4"

Per Scout:  6'4"

Per ESPN:  6'4"

Per GT:  6'3"

Also, I have met him several times.  I am a shade taller than 6'1" and Will Jackson has me beat by AT LEAST two inches in height.

I'm sure there are some good optometrists in the ATL.  You need to see one.