MyAJC free through Thursday; some suggested reading

As a service to metro Atlantans during the winter storm, the AJC is offering free access to the online newspaper (a PDF-style version of the printed paper; link here) and For those of you who are not subscribers, I hope you’ll take advantage of both. Today’s paper is packed with valuable and insightful information about the storm. has all of the content that goes into the paper as well as the online blog content in a cleaner format than

If you’ve got time on your hands, I’ve included 11 links to Georgia Tech stories that my colleagues and I have written that will help catch you up and give you a taste of what you’ve been missing. I certainly encourage you to poke around on the site. It has a search box to look for stories by subject or writer. There are far worse ways to spend an hour or two reading Steve Hummer’s stuff.

Stay warm.

Tech considering auction format for Clemson game

The athletic department may try a different tack to raise revenue

An inside look at Tech’s signing class

Thoughts and insights on the Jackets’ 21 signees

Signing day Q&A with Paul Johnson

Johnson rendered his opinion on the class

Signing day column from Jeff Schultz

Jeff gave his own take on the class and Johnson

Profile of quarterback Justin Thomas

Thomas shared his thoughts on rising to the top of the depth chart

Column from Mark Bradley about Tech leaving the SEC 50 years ago

With the help of a Tech grad, Mark looked back at the momentous decision

Jan. 23 Q&A with Mike Bobinski

The AD addressed the state of the football team and gave thoughts on scheduling

Dec. 22 profile on reserve defensive back Coray Carlson from Steve Hummer

A great piece from Steve on Carlson, an engineering major gave up football to focus on studies

Dec. 22 feature on linebacker Beau Hankins, named defensive scout-team MVP

Two years a scout-teamer, Hankins shared his determination to improve

Dec. 18 feature on linebacker Jeremiah Attaochu after being named an All-American

He shared a great story on his accidental start in football.

Dec. 5 story on Robert Godhigh winning ACC’s Brian Piccolo Award

Tech trainer Jay Shoop gave his reasons for why he nominated Godhigh

Nov. 10 profile on Godhigh, again from Steve Hummer

My man (Steve) came through with his unique take on a unique player

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