Gaudin, Durham call game-winner

What does a buzzer-beater sound like?

Georgia Tech’s win Thursday night over Boston College offered a rare confluence – former Tech voice Wes Durham and his successor Brandon Gaudin calling the same dramatic moment, Marcus Georges-Hunt’s game-winning 3-pointer. It’s kind of like Ian McKellen and Kenneth Branagh both offering their own nuanced interpretations of Macbeth.

At the risk of pointing out the obvious (something I’ve been told I do exceedingly well), I should note that Gaudin and Durham have different audiences and mediums, which I would think heavily influence their call.

My favorite part is Gaudin and analyst Randy Waters’ simultaneous “And he got fouled!” call.

This is unrelated, but mentioning McKellen made me think of this scene from the hilarious series “Extras” with Ricky Gervais. My wife and I watched it on Netflix. A lot of it is cringe-worthy in how un-P.C. it is, but that is kind of the nut of the humor.

Ian McKellen on Extras by Victor_Bugle

This is also unrelated, although less so. Was Georges-Hunt’s basket a “buzzer-beater”? We were talking about this in the media room afterwards. I think it was, as it beat the buzzer in a literal sense, but there is a school of thought that a buzzer-beater has to end a game, kind of like a walk-off home run.

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