Attaochu primed to perform at pro day

Jeremiah Attaochu
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Jeremiah Attaochu had 134 tackles and 31.5 sacks in his career at Georgia Tech.
Jeremiah Attaochu

Jeremiah Attaochu had 134 tackles and 31.5 sacks in his career at Georgia Tech.

Former Georgia Tech defensive end Jeremiah Attaochu has rehabilitated his hamstring injury suffered in the Senior Bowl and is ready for Tech’s pro day Friday morning. Attaochu’s agent believes he’ll be ready to impress scouts.

“I think he’ll do great,” said Pat Dye Jr., Attaochu’s Atlanta-based representative. “He’s very well-trained, his body looks good. I would expect an outstanding performance. He seems mentally and physically ready to do his best.”

Photos: Attaochu, others take part in Tech Pro Day

Dye said Attaochu, who was not able to participate in testing at the NFL draft combine in February because of the injury, will take part in all of the drills. Told that a draft expert said that Attaochu needs to run the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds to impress scouts, Dye said that Attaochu “feels like he’ll be safely in the 4.6’s. I think his goal is for the time to start with a four and a five,” meaning a time in the 4.5 range.

Dye said that he had heard through conversations with scouts and coaches at the end of the season that Attaochu was considered a third- or fourth-round pick at the end of the season, but that he has climbed into the second round and possibly even late first.

“I told (Attaochu) that’s got to be based on his tape because he hadn’t worked out for anybody and I don’t know if the Senior Bowl really moved the needle for him in any particular way because he was playing out of position (at outside linebacker),” Dye said. “I think he’s had a pretty positive bounce based on how good his tape is.”

Dye said that Attaochu has a few workouts with individual teams lined up after Tech’s pro day, but declined to identify them.

Attaochu will be joined by former Jackets Ray Beno, Euclid Cummings, Jay Finch, Robert Godhigh, Will Jackson, Sean Poole, David Scully, David Sims, Jemea Thomas, Brandon Watts, Omoregie Uzzi and Louis Young.

Tech defensive line coach Mike Pelton said he’s hopeful about his two other pupils who’ll be performing, Cummings and Dieke.

“The good thing about those guys is they’re going to be impressive when they work out on pro day,” Pelton said. “‘Too Tall’ (Dieke) is going to put up good numbers and he’s 6-6.”

What could also help both, Pelton said, is that both were playing in a 4-3 defense for the first time as seniors. Teams could be intrigued by their improvement over the course of the season and be intrigued by their potential.

“I think both of them will get a chance,” he said. “I’ve had people inquire about both of them.”
The pro day will be streamed online on ESPN3. Tech voice Brandon Gaudin and former team captain Roddy Jones will provide commentary. Coverage begins at 10:30 a.m. (I happened to talk with Jones this morning for another story. He said he watched coverage of the combine and Clemson’s pro day to get a sense of what he’ll be doing. He said he just needs to say “upside,” “potential” and “hips” a lot.)

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