Posted: 10:07 am Monday, March 31st, 2014

Tech pro day results 

By Ken Sugiura

Unofficial results from Georgia Tech’s pro day Friday. My earlier post can be read here.


Name 40 BJ V BP
J. Attaochu 4.57   36.5  
Ray Beno 5.34 8’11” 23.5 30
Euclid Cummings 4.79 8’6” 28.5 24
Emmanuel Dieke 4.87 9’5” 31  
Jay Finch 4.93 9’3” 31.5 28
Robert Godhigh 4.60 8’8” 32.5 23
Will Jackson 5.28 8’4” 29.5 23
David Sims 4.80 10’4” 36 23
Jemea Thomas 4.50 10’3” 36  
Omoregie Uzzi   8’2” 26 25
Brandon Watts 4.49 10’3” 37.5 16
Louis Young 4.50 9’9” 36.5 11

In instances where there are no scores, the player either chose not to participate or I didn’t record have a score recorded. Uzzi ran the 40, but I didn’t get a time. I know Attaochu didn’t participate in the bench press, and I don’t believe Dieke or Thomas did, either. (Thomas put up 19 reps at the draft combine and was wise to let that number stand.

Cummings’ 40 time is noteworthy. At the combine, there were 28 defensive tackles that ran the 40. Four ran the 40 in under 5.0 seconds. (Bear in mind, as noted previously, that hand-timed scores are typically faster than electronically-timed runs.) Given that he’s stayed healthy – he didn’t miss a game in his final three seasons – and that he was reasonably productive at the “3 technique” defensive tackle spot in his first year playing it, I’d think he has a shot to end up in a camp this summer.


Other than his bench press, Brandon Watts put up some pretty impressive results! As did Finch.  

David Sims had very respectable results in all but his 40, which was bad for a RB.

IMO, quite a few of these guys could be battling for an NFL roster spot this Summer.  Nice! Good Luck to all of them!!  


Good luck to all of them in the draft.

I think a couple of them are going to have to practice ending every sentence with "eh".

Example - "How's it going, eh?"


The guys all did their best and we will just have to wait to see what the NFl thinks in a few weeks.