Johnson explains Days’ B-back tryout

Coach Paul Johnson offered explanation Monday about his decision to try A-back Synjyn Days at B-back. Days, who came to Tech from Hillgrove High as a quarterback and switched to A-back as a sophomore, took snaps in Saturday’s scrimmage at B-back, a day after Johnson approached him about testing it out.

Johnson said he had been thinking about it for a long time and was prompted by an injury to B-back C.J. Leggett. The freshman had been receiving a lot of snaps there in camp before an injury last week. (Johnson said he didn’t know when Leggett would return.)

“We needed somebody else in there,” Johnson said. “I just felt like Synjyn could do it.”

As noted previously, Days willingly took it on, saying that he is more of a downhill runner anyway. Further, Days’ lower-body strength would seem to suit him for the position.

It remains to be seen what role there will be for Matt Connors, listed No. 2 on the depth chart behind Zach Laskey. Johnson said after Saturday’s scrimmage that Connors is “a plugger. He plays real hard, does some good things.”

Some of how much Days (or Connors, Leggett or Donovan Wilson) plays at B-back will depend on how productive Laskey is in a starting role, and how much of a gap there is between him and the No. 2 back. Former B-backs Jonathan Dwyer and Anthony Allen dominated carries and snaps when they started. David Sims shared snaps with Preston Lyons and then Laskey, as the separation wasn’t as great between Sims and the backups.

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