Career moment for Tech great Wes Durham

Courtesy of Wes Durham

Courtesy of Wes Durham

Wes Durham has called a Final Four and an Orange Bowl. He has played golf at Augusta National and St. Andrew’s. He’s no stranger to the rodeo, at least figuratively speaking. Dave Archer has been associated with the NFL either as a player or broadcaster for most of his adult life.

However, when the esteemed Falcons radio broadcast team duo walk into Houston’s NRG Stadium on Sunday, it will be the first time either has been to a Super Bowl. It’s by design.

“We came so close in 2013,” Durham said. “That’s when Dave said it the first time (that he wouldn’t attend a Super Bowl unless he was calling it). I thought to myself, Yeah, I’m probably there with you. I don’t want to go unless I’m broadcasting the game.”

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