3 takeaways from Tech-Louisville

3:25 pm Feb. 24, 2015

On the off chance you feel like reading more about Georgia Tech’s 52-51 loss to Louisville Monday.

1. One more gut punch of a loss. Tech was up 43-28 at the nine-minute mark and let Louisville slip off the hook. Just an awful way to lose.

Louisville is undoubtedly a worthy opponent, but the Yellow Jackets’ poor decisions and play, again, led them down the path. With 3:51 left in the

3 takeaways from Tech-Clemson

12:01 pm Feb. 17, 2015

1. Freshman guard Tadric Jackson started in place of guard Chris Bolden, who was suspended indefinitely for “not adhering to the standards of our program,” coach Brian Gregory said. “We have high expectations for our

Digging into Tech’s last-minute woes

3:35 pm Feb. 16, 2015

Georgia Tech’s play in the final minutes of eight of its ACC games has been, if you’ve been paying any attention, rather costly. The Yellow Jackets have won two games handily (Miami and Wake Forest),

3 takeaways from Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech

4:09 pm Feb. 10, 2015

1. Another brutal loss. Ahead by 10 points with at the five-minute mark, Georgia Tech allowed Virginia Tech to finish the game on a 17-5 run to earn just its second ACC win of the

3 takeaways from Tech-Wake

7:29 am Feb. 8, 2015

1. Chris Bolden may be on the verge of becoming a consistent contributor. Bolden has shown moments and played games that have hinted at a level he’s capable of reaching. He had 20 points on

3 takeaways from Tech-N.C. State

1:51 pm Feb. 2, 2015

Thoughts and observations from Georgia Tech’s 81-80 loss to N.C. State Saturday. Myajc story here. (The ajc.com version got replaced by the myajc version. For those interested in re-living it, I’ll include the text of it below.)

1. Forward Marcus Georges-Hunt is in the best playing form of his career. Georges-Hunt made seven of 15 shots against N.C. State and was 8-for-9 from the free-throw line for 23 shots. He’s

Tech student hits half-court shot

11:05 am Feb. 2, 2015

Georgia Tech’s big winner Saturday was, much to the chagrin of Yellow Jackets fans, was not the Tech basketball fan.

It was instead student Caleb Espy, who hit a half-court shot during halftime to win Domino’s

Tech needing to get more touches for big men

6:15 pm Jan. 28, 2015

Georgia Tech is hoping more touches for big men Demarco Cox and Charles Mitchell can bring an end to the Yellow Jackets’ seven-game losing streak to start ACC play. Tech plays No. 23 Miami Wednesday

Tech readying to dole out stipends

11:21 am Jan. 26, 2015

Georgia Tech is preparing room in the budget for cost-of-attendance stipends that will be given to scholarship athletes starting in the fall. The NCAA’s “power five” conferences, granted autonomy to pass measures without the support

3 takeaways from Tech-Pittsburgh

2:38 pm Jan. 19, 2015

Thoughts and observations from Georgia Tech’s 70-65 loss to Pittsburgh Saturday. Story here.

1. It’s been a strange five games for Marcus Georges-Hunt. In the game prior to the start of ACC play, Georges-Hunt delivered